PHIL SCHLESINGER CIVITAN CLUB Newsletter August 2016 Greetings from President Ian: Congratulations to my mum who was installed as District Governor when we were in Norfolk. Virginia. Our Birthdays this month: Lyn (8th); Winnie (18th) We had a great time in Norfolk and we missed all of you who could not go. We are really looking forward to more of us going to Birmingham next year to celebrate our 100th birthday (Civitan not mine). If we register before November 15th this year we can do so for $100 per member. Ticketed events will be extra. So start saving. Money can be given to our Treasurer each meeting, so it will be easier for you. I have enclosed the registration form. Several of us went to Valley of the Moon to see their production of Peter Pan. It was fun. Their next big production is Sleepy Hollow in October. I will keep you informed. Zac told me that he would like to come to our meeting again and just be a story teller. It sounds like something we need to book. We have been invited to the Region 8 conference in Las Vegas again this year (sorry next year). It will be January 6-8 2017. I will let you know details as I get them. It is to be held at the Orleans Casino. Our Bocce tournament will be September 10th at Reid Park, the same as last year. We have 2 or maybe 3 Unified teams for the first time this year and we will see how it goes. Bowling practice will start in September as well. I need to let Holly know how many bowlers we will have this year. I am going to assume that everyone who bowled last year will want to do the same again this year. I will not be at the next meeting because 8 of us are going to the District meeting in Pocatello, Idaho. I will need to collect Chevrons from everyone who has not given them in yet, so remember to bring them to the meeting at Martha Cooper at the end of the month. Are you getting donations for our banquet? You can pay for it ($110 member and $15 non member) as soon as you like. I really need ideas for Community involvement for our club. There will not be many G.E.M. pins given out this year as not many people have participated in projects because we didn’t have them. Are your dues up to date? Are you still collecting pennies and cans and plastic bottles. Please do so. AND remember to bring them to meetings. Those of you who do TGIF bowling remember to register.